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About Us
Balloons Galore is owned and run by Gunter Blum. Having been in the business for over 20 years Balloons Galore has built a reputation for excellent customer service and providing creative solutions to make your event special and memorable.

We only stock professional quality balloons. To get an idea of the huge product range available at Balloons Galore check out our Products page.

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trading hours

Trading Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am-4pm
Sat: 9am-12 noon
Sun & Public Holidays: CLOSED
We deliver Monday-Saturday all day; deliveries on Sunday or after hours Monday-Friday are taken at our discretion and will incur extra fees.

location map

Location Map

Balloons Galore is located at 26 Orchard St Toowong, Brisbane. We also service the Gold Coast offering gift bouquet delivery, function and event decorating.

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contact us

Contact Details

Phone: (07) 3876 0200

Fax: (07) 3720 8499

Email: balloons@balloonsgalore.net.au

Address: 26 Orchard St TOOWONG Qld 4064

balloons and te environment

Balloons and the Environment

Balloons are made of natural latex. Latex is the milky sap of the rubber tree which grows in tropical regions of the world such as East India, Brazil, Malaysia and Guatemala. Each tree lives for about 35 years and produces enough sap for approximately three balloons daily. The continuing demand for latex balloons ensures the survival of the rubber tree and provides an economic incentive for planting (instead of cutting down) these trees.

Helium is an inert natural gas. When a helium balloon is released into the atmosphere, it will rise to approximately 8,500 meters. At this altitude the helium expands and the latex balloon becomes brittle, causing the balloon to shatter into tiny pieces before returning to earth. For more information on balloons and the environment check out the BASA website

about Gunter Blum

Who is Gunter Blum?

Balloons Galore is owned and run by Gunter Blum. Gunter has trained in Art and has spent many years in the film and television production industry, in the props and staging areas. Gunter started Balloons Galore in 1986 and has built a very successful business through his extensive knowledge and experience. Gunter is currently president of the Queensland Balloon Artists and Suppliers Association (BASA)

Gunter and his dedicated team have been entering and winning competitions in the Industry since 1986, so when you contract Balloons Galore to do your work, you can be confident you are employing one of the best.

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Email: balloons@balloonsgalore.net.au